Learn Japanese

If you're here, you likely have a lot of experience attempting to learn the Japanese language. You'll likely agree when I say that most guides, books, and classes out there simply don't cut it. The writing system is not properly taught. Most books teach you bare bones phrases to get you around culturally, but leave you practically illiterate. Classes are excellent for pronunciation, but constantly writing Japanese characters over and over can become quite tiresome.

Don't you wish there was a better way?

That's where Kanji Daisuki comes in. I've been studying Japanese for five years, and I've learned the hard way that most learning methods don't work. Japanese really is not an easy language to learn — it takes time and effort. But, with this guide, I hope to make it easier for you to learn the language.

You'll learn how to read and write their writing systems, study grammar patterns, and learn a bit of their culture at the same time. And most importantly, it will be fun!

The best part is this guide will constantly update, so once you've completed a lesson, stick around for more!

Choose your level at the sidebar, or click the button below to start from the very beginning. 頑張ってね (good luck) ♥






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