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As an English speaker, the Japanese language is probably a scary sight. What's with all those lines in their letters? Where'd the alphabet go? Why are they talking so fast? Questions like these are natural given your only experience with language is likely with those that use the latin alphabet.

Here's how it works:


  • Japanese is taught in the "Learn" section, with thorough explanations and an interactive interface
  • At the end of the writing lessons there are pdf worksheets you can download to practice
  • Lessons are divided into easily-digestible pages
  • Lessons are being added all the time

Lessons can be found here.


  • Read in-depth articles on culture
  • Resources for studying
  • Get news about Japan

The blog can be found here.


  • Chat with other people learning the language
  • Opportunity to network with native speakers
  • Discuss lessons, get help
  • Share cool things with others

Forums can be found here.


Coming soon!
  • Study Kanji and vocab with ease
  • Various study modes planned (look-a-likes, composition)
  • All web-based (no downloads!)
  • Earn points and badges

Social Interaction

  • Twitter account and Facebook fanpage
  • Kanji mnemonics on twitter
  • Chat on my IRC network

The best part?

All of this is free, and always will be. Although there may be paid services in the future, this basic content will remain free to everybody. I have always believed that language learning should be basically free, since it is spoken freely.

Wanna help?

Interested in helping me develop games, write articles, create lessons, or something else? Get ahold of me on twitter, facebook, or e-mail (korii.roxx@gmail.com).

You can also donate to help with hosting among other things.

I hope you'll enjoy the site! Share it with your friends :)


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