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The Usefulness of Paper Flashcards

Tuesday, March 20th, 2012

In the Japanese realm of language learning there is a rather popular program called Anki which many use to study Kanji and vocabulary words. I love Anki when I’m at the computer because it’s pretty easy to customize and you can sync the deck to a server to retrieve at a later time. Or, you can back up the deck files and just import them later, which is useful if you’re reinstalling an operating system (which I just did not long ago to restore Windows 7).

Anki’s nice and all, but what if you’re out with no smartphone or computer? Or if you’re like me, you just like using flashcards because they’re tangible (and it’s easy to write notes on). This is what I want to touch on in today’s blog post – why flashcards are sometimes more convenient than software, and some neat things you can do with them.